Iberia committed to boosts heavy maintenance business in Barcelona

Iberia committed to boosts heavy maintenance business in Barcelona

It will contribute to the development of El Prat as a major aeronautical hub

  • It will contribute to the development of El Prat as a major aeronautical hub.
  • Base maintenance overalls will be increased building on its current C 1 capabilities with investment in backshops allowing for growth in its capabilities as a heavy maintenance provider.
  • A team of more than 300 professionals will service lines of Airbus A320 family aircraft.
  • Iberia’s commitment will be boosted by Vueling, which will carry out heavy maintenance work in the Barcelona hangar

Iberia renews its commitment to El Prat and, as part of its new business strategy, Iberia Maintenance will further develop its base activity at its hangar in Barcelona around heavy maintenance.

Therefore Iberia reinforces its presence in El Prat with the development of an activity capable of generating highly qualified employment, contributing to a greater reindustrialisation of the airport’s area of influence and, in short, consolidating Barcelona airport as a major aeronautical hub.

To this end, Iberia Maintenance will adapted its hangar in Barcelona and is in the process of increasing its base maintenance scope to build upon its current C check capabilities with an aim over the coming period to develop its BCN base to a full heavy maintenance facility.

Iberia’s commitment to Heavy Maintenance will be boosted by Vueling, the first company of the IAG group to carry out this type of work in the Barcelona hangar.

In addition, this qualitative leap in the service that Iberia Maintenance offers to its clients, both from the IAG Group and third parties, will increase its business volume and strengthen its position as a benchmark supplier for the narrow-body fleet in the European, North African and Middle Eastern markets.

A team of 300 professionals in Barcelona will service initially Airbus A320 family aircraftwith a capacity of more than 300,000 man-hours per year for this type of overhaul.

In addition, Iberia Maintenance will continue to provide Line Maintenance services in Barcelona for Iberia’s short and medium-haul fleet, as well as for long-haul aircraft belonging to third party customers.

Iberia Maintenance hangar in Barcelona was built in 2010 next to the head of runway 20 at El Prat 2 / 2 airport. It has a surface area of 13,200 square metres on a plot of 24,000 square metres. The facility, known as «the big smile» because of the glazed building shape is 40 metres high and 200 metres long and can accommodate four positions for narrow-body aircraft.