Legal Information

Legal Information

IBERIA LAE SA Operadora Unipersonal, with official address at C/ Martínez Villergas, 49 28027 Madrid
Telephone 901 111 500, Fax: 91 587 4741,
Madrid Companies Registry, Volume 27.301, Folio 79, Sheet M-491912
C. A85850394
Operating licence A.13/94 Competent Authority AESA

On a general basis, the relations between IBERIA, Líneas Aéreas de España, S.A., hereinafter IBERIA, and its customers, derived from the contracting of the products and services contained on this Website, are subject to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.

This Website has been created by IBERIA, for purposes of information and for personal use.

The fact of accessing this Website implies that the user is aware of and accepts the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  • The content, commercial activities, products and services included on this Website are not designed or intended for those persons who reside in jurisdictions where such content is not authorized.
  • Only those pages that appear on the table of contents and are served by are included within this Website.
  • Access to this Website is the exclusive responsibility of the users who do so.
  • Access to this Website does not mean that any kind of a commercial relationship is established between Iberia and the user.
  • Access to and navigating in this Website signifies that the user accepts and is aware of the legal warnings and the stated terms and conditions of use.

Updating and Modification of the information

  • The information that appears on this Website is the information that was in effect on the date when it was last updated. Iberia reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information on this Website, and may restrict or prevent access to this Website.
  • This Website may not be altered, changed, modified, or adapted. However, Iberia reserves the right to make whatever changes or modifications it deems appropriate at any time, and may make use of this right at any time and without prior notice.


  • Iberia makes its very best effort in order to avoid any errors in the content that could appear on this Website. Iberia does not guarantee, nor does it accept responsibility for any consequences as may arise from errors in contents provided by third parties that could appear on this Website.
  • Iberia accepts no liability whatsoever for any discrepancies as may exist between printed documents and the electronic version published on this Website. In the event of a discrepancy between the printed version and the version published on the Website, the printed version will take precedence.
  • Iberia accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any content, commercial activities, products and services included, as may be viewed by means of electronic links, directly or indirectly, through this Website. The presence of links on the Iberia Website, unless expressly stated otherwise, is for information only and in no case should be construed to be a suggestion, invitation or recommendation with regard to them. These links do not represent any kind of relationship between Iberia and the private persons or companies to whom the wheel tes that can be accessed by means of these links belong. Iberia reserves the right to unilaterally remove the links that appear on its Website at any time.
  • Iberia assumes no liability whatsoever for the content of any cyberspace forum or debate (Chat), bulletins or any kind of transmissions, which are linked to this Website, and shall cooperate, if so required by a court order or the relevant authorities, in the identification of the personas responsible for any such contents as may be in violation of the law.
  • Iberia excludes any and all liability as may be derived from the transmission of information between users. The responsibility for any statements disseminated on this Website falls exclusively upon those who make them. Any kind of transmission of data whatsoever, as users of the Website may make, either to the Website itself or by means of it or through other accesses controlled by Iberia, which infringe the ownership rights of third parties, or the content of which is threatening, defamatory, obscene or pornographic, or the transmission of any other material constituting or encouraging conduct that could be considered a criminal offense, is prohibited.
  • Iberia reserves the right to prevent or prohibit access by any Internet user who introduces into this Website any content contrary to legal provisions or morals, reserving the right to take whatever legal action it may deem advisable in order to avoid this kind of conduct.
  • Iberia has obtained the information and materials included on the Website from sources considered to be reliable, however, although it has taken reasonable measures in order to be assured that the information contained is correct, Iberia does not guarantee that it is accurate, complete, or updated and, thus, users should not rely on it as if it were. Iberia expressly declines any liability whatsoever for errors or omissions in the Information contained in the pages of this Website.
  • This Website does not provide any kind of investment recommendations whatsoever, nor legal, tax advice or advice of any other kind, and none of the information included should be taken as the basis for making investments or arriving at decisions. Similarly, the information contained on this Website is published for general use and does not taken into account specific investment objectives, the financial situation or particular needs of any individual Person. Before deciding on any investment, you should obtain appropriate and specific professional advice. The news of past profitability figures does not constitute a promise or guarantee of future returns.
  • The content of this Website is intended solely for information purposes and under no circumstances should such content be used as, or be considered to be an offer for sale or an offer of securities, request for a purchase offer or a recommendation to carry out any other transaction.
  • Iberia can incorporate reports by third parties or support the business of companies in a publication or an analysis report. Iberia accepts no liability whatsoever for a direct or induced loss, as a consequence of the use of such publications or analysis reports. Likewise, these items of information may not be copied, distributed or published by anyone who receives them, regardless of the purpose intended.

Navigation, Access and Security

  • Access to and navigation in this Website means that the user accepts and is aware of the legal warnings and the terms and conditions of use contained herein. Iberia makes its very best effort in order for the navigation to take place in optimum conditions and to avoid adverse effects of any kind that could arise in the process.
  • This Website has been designed to support Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer navigators. Iberia does not accept any liability whatsoever for any adverse effects of any kind as may arise for users who use other navigators or different versions of the navigators for which the Website has been designed.
  • Access to the transactional services and those that include the capturing of personal details is obtained in a secure environment using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol with a high-security encryption of 128 bits. The secure server establishes a connection whereby the information is transmitted encrypted. This ensures that the content transmitted is only intelligible for the customer’s computer and Iberia’s server. The user can check to ensure that he/she is within a secure environment if a locked padlock appears on the status bar of the navigator. The security guarantee of our servers is supported by a certificate issued by the firm Verisign. This certificate guarantees that our customer is transmitting his/her details to an Iberia server and not to a third party who may attempt to pass for us.
  • Iberia is not responsible for nor does it guarantee that the access to this Website will be uninterrupted or that it will be error-free. Neither will it be liable for, nor will it guarantee that the content or software that can be accessed through this Website will be free from error or from causing adverse effects. In no case will Iberia be responsible for any losses or damages of any kind whatsoever as may arise on account of the accessing and use of the Web page, including but not restricted to those caused to computer systems or those brought about by the introduction of a virus. Iberia does not accept liability for any damages as may arise for users due to the improper use of this Website. In particular, it is not responsible in any way whatsoever for the falls, interruptions, faults or defects in telecommunications that could occur in transactions of a financial nature.
  • The services offered on this Website can only be used correctly if the technical specifications for which it has been designed are met.

IP and Cookies

  • IBERIA registers the IP addresses (which all visitors have on accessing the Website) for exclusively internal purposes, such as access statistics and market segmentation. IBERIA Líneas Aéreas de España does not associate IP addresses with personally identifiable information and may provide third parties with extracts of the traffic to this Website that do not affect the customer’s anonymity, with data on the number of visits to a particular section of the site, flows and traffic trends, and the like.
  • Access to this Website can involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information that are stored in the navigator used by each user so that the server will remember certain information that subsequently only the server that implemented the information will read. Cookies are generally limited in time. None of the cookies enable contact to be made with the user’s telephone number, his/her e-mail address or any other means of contact. Cookies cannot extract information from the user’s hard disk or steal personal information. The only way for the private information of a user to become a part of the cookie file is if the user personally provides that information to the server. Those users who do not wish to receive cookies or who wish to be informed of their establishment can configure their navigator for this purpose.

Information on Technical Aspects

  • IBERIA will not be liable for any possible damages as may derive from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operation of this electronic system, occurring due to reasons beyond IBERIA’s control; delays or blockages in the use of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or overloads in the Data Processing Center, telephone lines, the Internet system or in other electronic systems; or any damages as may be caused by third parties by means of illegitimate intromissions beyond Iberia’s control. Likewise, Iberia exonerates itself from any liability for any damages or setbacks a user may sustain as a consequence of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by Iberia whenever it originates from outside sources.